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When the stain didn’t stick on this customers driveway he chose Soda Blast it to remove the stain with out damaging the concrete.

Industrial Printing requires cleaning of expensive delicate rollers and Soda Blasting is their choice. Old ink is removed leaving the roller in a like new condition.

The Architect of this 100 year old brick and stone building renovation wanted an old antique look. We were enlisted to remove most of the paint leaving that turn of the century look he wanted!

Media Solutions

From Soda to Sand we have a media to get you the results you require!

This irreplaceable antique  airplane hub was a true rust bucket. By selecting the correct media we were able to restore the hub for normal use. Our choice of media’s  help save this 1940 aircraft.

Corrosion began to eat away at this aircraft part which could render the part useless. By selecting the proper media we were able to make the part as good as new saving the owner big bucks.

This very rare intake came in looking like junk. Our media choice brought the intake back to new condition even saving the casting marks and embedded numbers. Just what the customer wanted.

This aluminum valve cover , recovered from a wrecking yard, was completely restored. It was then polished to a smooth shinny finish. It’s owner was so pleased he brought another set the following day.

      Log Homes                                         Fire Restoration

Log Homes require maintenance which requires the exterior to be cleaned and re-stained. Using our special media we exposed the bare wood in no time compared to hand cleaning.

When the unlucky owners of this home experienced a major fire, we were contacted to remove smoke damage from the exterior as well as the interior saving thousands in rebuilding cost!

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Text Box: 817-808-1061

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· Automotive/restorations

· Corvettes/Fiberglass

· Graffiti removal

· Brick/Stone/Concrete

· Food Industry


· Airplane Paint Stripping

· Log Home Cleaning

· Fire Restoration

· Engine and engine components 

· Machinery finishing

· Cast Aluminum

· Swimming pool de-painting

· Farming equipment

· Trailers

· Rail cars

· Wood surfaces/decking

· Boat bottom paint removal

· Neutralizes surface rust


And Much More!

Works on virtually any surface


All metals















A to Z Soda Blasting Service provides  Soda to Sand blasting services in north Texas.  In house and mobile services allow us to provide a complete blasting service no matter the item or location.  Our wide range of media allows us to tackle almost any paint or coating removal project. From automobile paint removal, Aircraft paint stripping, Corvette paint removal,  Graffiti  elimination, Brick, Stone and Concrete cleaning, Fire restorations, mold remediation, Log Home cleaning to Food Equipment and so much more. Our blasting media choices range from such materials as Corn Cob, Sodium Bicarbonate, Mineral based and coal slag just to name a few.  When it comes to removing paint or any other coating we have the solution.  Bring it to us to have it blasted or we will blast at your location, either way the end result will be a clean surface free from any paint or coatings and ready for you to finish the way you like.

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What is soda blasting

Soda blasting is an innovative cleaning technology that uses a specially formulated blast media to remove paint, dirt, coatings and other contaminants without causing harmful abrasion to the surface being cleaned. The Soda blast media is based on sodium bicarbonate (baking soda), a water-soluble and non-toxic compound.


How does the soda blast process work

Soda blasting is achieved using a high volume, but low pressure wet or dry blasting machine to propel the soda blast media onto the surface to be cleaned. When the soda blast media comes in contact with the contaminant on the surface, the sodium bicarbonate particles explode. The energy released by this explosion gently removes the contaminant without harming the surface.


What are a few benefits of soda blasting

- Water-soluble and environmentally-safe.
- Eliminates the need of using toxic cleaning chemicals.
- Does not produce thermal sparks or heat buildup.
- One-step cleaning and de-coating process.
- Can be done while other machines and processes are in operation.
- Equipment is transportable, in many cases a one-person operation


What are examples of soda blasting applications

- Graffiti removal
- Building restoration & cleaning
- Mold remediation - removes mildew & mold
- Marine antifouling removal / antifouling surface preparation on boats
- Fire restoration - removes smoke & soot damage
- Automotive restoration
- Sculpture restoration
- Tile restoration
- Industrial & food grade equipment cleaning
- Paint removal
- Cleaning delicate surfaces (stainless steel, glass, wood, bearings)
- Decontamination
- And much more!

Special Projects

100 year old pipe partialy cleaned prior to Soda Blasting100 year old pipe being carefully cleaned during the Soda Blast process100 year old pipe before soda blasting100 year old pipe partially cleaned during the Soda Blast processstack of 100 year old pipe prior to final Soda Blast operations100 year old pipe being prepared to be Soda Blasted

A rare find! When a North Texas City uncovered this rare wood pipe thought to be at least 100 years old they decided to have it restored and put on display. The problem they had was how to remove 100 years of dirt and grime with out damaging the wood. The solution was Soda Blasting. When we removed the dirt coating we found the wood pipe to be covered in a tar type substance. Our Soda Blast process was able to remove the tar exposing a very decayed metal strap around the pipe. We were able to restore a good bit of the strapping as well as expose the original wood using the Soda Blast process.  Once we completed our part of the restoration the pipe was sent to be preserved by applying a clear coat and is now on display for all to see.  Be it 100 year old rare wood pipe or today’s late model car, our professional experience and knowledge with the Soda Blasting process gets the results!

Our technicians understand the importance and value of each project and take great care to achieve the best results!

Soda Blasting Myths & Facts


Myth Once Soda Blasted I need to get it painted immediately.


Fact The fine dust covering left by the Soda Blast process works as a rust inhibitor. Soda Blasted items will not flash rust for many months as long as keep dry.


Myth Paint doesn’t stick or bubbles after Soda Blasting.


Fact   Failure to properly prepare the surface to be coated will always result in poor paint adherence Soda Blasted or not! When  Soda Blasted simply wash the surface thoroughly with water or a water vinegar mix to remove all the dust, then paint. You will have no paint adherence issues!


Myth Soda Blasting is expensive.


Fact Soda Blasting is less than 1/2 the cost of chemical dipping. Soda Blasting can be done in a fraction of the time it takes most other paint removal process thus saving hours of labor cost.

Informative Links

A Retro Renovation!  Dedicated home restorers Garth & Martha wanted to do a period kitchen renovation on their home in the Dallas area. Metal cabinets were required for a proper restoration. After locating the correct cabinets in an old house in Ohio and bringing them back to Dallas the cabinet restoration process began.  When the decision on how to remove the old paint with out harming the underlying metal had to be made and  after looking in to many options, it became clear Soda Blasting was the clear choice. As you can see in the picture they finished Great!

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Move Mouse Over Picture to see result

Move Mouse Over Picture to see result

Move Mouse Over Picture to see result

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Automotive Restoration is one of our specialties. A professional restoration starts with bare metal.  The result achieved through professional Soda Blasting.

When the Pro's want to restore an expensive fiberglass vehicle, Soda Blasting is the only method they use. Paint is removed with NO damage to the gel coat.

Airplane owners turn to Soda Blasting when it's time to repaint. The alternative would be a long slow messy and dangerous chemical stripping process.

When a Graffiti artist selected this canvas Soda Blasting was chosen to remove his fine art. Totally environmentally safe, the art was removed with out causing any damage to the environment

Stained Textured Cinderblock! Stain color was removed with Soda Blasting allowing the customer to change the color of the building.