After-Soda_BlastingNever worry about paint adherence after soda blasting!

After Blast removes all traces of Soda as well as any other contaminates!

After Blast provides 2 to 5 days of rust Protection!

After Blast improves primer adherence!

A good restoration includes removing all paint, dirt and grime from the vehicle to expose the bare metal.

A good paint job requires the metal to be free of any contaminates from the removal process.

A Soda Blasted vehicle is returned with a fine dusty soda powder on the surfaces. This powder works well as a rust inhibitor and can provide months of rust protection. Enough time to complete any body work which may need to be done. But when it comes to painting, the soda powder must be completely and thoroughly removed to insure proper paint adherence.

After Blast Solution completely eliminates the soda powder and any other contaminates which may have collected on the vehicle. In addition, After Blast provides the benefit of a 2 to 5 day rust protection window. Allowing plenty of time to prepare for paint.

Paint removal is essential in order to achieve a quality paint job. Simply painting over old paint is a gamble. If the old paint comes loose, so does the new paint. If there is any rust under the old paint and it is not removed, guess what, rust appears in the new paint. So the need to completely remove the old paint down to bare metal is a must!

There are many methods of removing the old paint. They may include chemical strippers, hand sanding but more commonly a blast method is used. There are many choices of blast material to choose from, but the best by far is Soda Blasting! The other materials ranging from glass to sand create heat and warping, and in many cases actually damage the metal below the paint. Soda on the other hand has no effect on the metal surface. With no damage to the metal the surface is as clean as the day it was produced, no pitting or warping.

Soda has another advantage. After blasting a fine powder remains on the surface. This powder is the remnants of the soda crystals after they were blasted against the surface. This fine soda powder works as a rust inhibitor. Other blast materials eat at the surface leaving pits. Pits, small or large open up the metal to capture moisture and moisture means flash rusting. So using Soda provides a large window of work time without worrying about rust.

Any good paint job requires the surface to be completely free of foreign materials. Doesn’t matter if its just dust or the remnants of a blasting process. The fine dust from the Soda process must be removed as well. Failure to do so may result in paint adherence issues. There is one sure way to insure all the Soda is gone, use After Blast Solutions! It completely eliminates all traces of Soda as well as any other contaminates which may be on the surface. After Blast is proven technology that helps guarantee a perfect paint job!

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