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Professional Grade Coatings & Liners

Protect your investments with a high quality polyurethane coating. Provides a life time of protection, is unaffected by UV rays and is color customizable.

We have done the testing and seen the results. That is why we have selected Al’s Liner products as our choice for a professional, long lasting liner. It works on metal, aluminum, wood, ceramic title, even fiberglass. We can professionally apply Al’s Liner for you or you can purchase a Do It Yourself Kit and apply it yourself. Either way you will end up with the best polyurethane coating available on the market today!

Professional Installations

A professional application involves many steps. The condition of the surface must be considered prior to application. If the surface requires, it will be stripped clean, using one of our blast products, washed down with our After Blast Solution, to ensure a clean surface, primed with a quality primer, sprayed with polyurethane primer and finally sprayed with Al’s Liner. It is this dedication to detail that allows us to provide a 5 year limited adherence warranty. Nobody gives a warranty like this!

The end result is a super strong, tough polyurethane coating that will last for many many years.

Professional Applications Include:

  • Truck Beds
  • Underbodies
  • Chassis Liners
  • Wheel Wells
  • Interior Liners
  • To name just a few!

Not to mention non auto related items such as:

  • Decks-never worry about the finish again!
  • Trailer Floors – good clean and slip resistant
  • Commercial Rest Rooms – great protector against water damage and mold!

image310Do It Yourself

If you would like to Do It Yourself we have a kit available just for you. This kit allows you to spray your own truck bed or what ever you may choose.

Kit includes everything you will need.

  • All Chemical Components
  • Primer
  • Color (Black or Gray or Tan)
  • Mixing Paddle

Simply follow the enclosed directions and spray it on.

Also available is the Spray Kit which includes:

  • Special 5 port spray gun & 1.25 gallon hopper.

Four Steps to a great finish.

Protect any areas you don’t want sprayed.

Scuff the current paint using 36 grit paper.

Spray the included primer on the area to be sprayed.

Mix the components of the kit.

Spray the liner!

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