When it comes to removing stains, paint, or just old dirt we can do it. The picture on the left shows a commercial building with rust stains that built up over the years. The area to the left shows the difference after we blasted it.

On the right is a commercial building that had a dumpster fire. We removed all signs of the fire from the ground to the roof, 30 feet up.

The building on the left was under construction and the contractor applied a stain to the cinder block. The customer decided he wanted it a different color so we removed the stain leaving the cinder block clean and ready for the fresh stain.

This customer’s driveway had been stained but over time the stain began to disappear. The picture shows a section of the concrete before (left) and after we cleaned it (right)

These are just a few examples of how we can clean, restore and remove stains from all kinds of surfaces. Some other examples include stone and brick fireplaces, stone walls, stains off the side of homes, paint removal from brick homes which had been painted and so on. If you have a hard surface that doesn’t look it’s best, give us a call, we have a solution for you.