Log Homes

Log Homes are strong and sturdy, but they do require maintenance from time to time. Most log homes are stained and then covered with a poly to help protect the wood and prolong the need to refinish the home. Over time the poly breaks down and the wood becomes exposed to the weather. Sometimes logs will seep sap leaving and ugly finish. Hail can also damage the finish requiring a new coat of poly to be applied. In each of these situations the old finish should be removed prior to a new finish being applied. Chemicals can be used but they are expensive, messy, and harmful to the environment. The best way to remove the old finish is via a blasting process. This process gets all the old finish and stain off exposing the bare wood. Blasting also gets in to the hard to get to places between the logs.

Two solutions are available for stripping log homes. Both are medias that are 100% environmentally friendly. The first is a blast media made from corn cobs. The inner core of the corn cob is a hard wood like material. This core is removed and ground to a small size to be used as a blast media. Corn Cob although hard is not as hard as the wood on the home, but hard enough to break through the poly coating and remove both the coating and the stain. The blasted material will bio-degrade and does not harm plants, shrubs or grass.

Baking Soda is another choice. Made from food grade baking soda and formulated to be a little courser than what you purchase in the store, soda removes the poly and stain easily. Unlike corn cob which falls to the ground after blasting, each particle of soda actually explodes when blasted against the wood. It is these little explosions that break up the poly coating and force the stain out of the wood. Once the explosion takes place the soda particle turn to dust and floats away.

Whichever solution is selected, the surface of the home will be clean and ready for a fresh coat of stain and protective poly which should then last for many years.

Food Equipment

When it comes to cleaning food equipment one of the best choices is Soda Blasting! Soda removes all the old grease and stains leaving a fresh clean surface. Because we use food grade soda, there are no harmful chemicals to worry about either.

From smaller easy to move units to larger installed equipment soda can be safely used without concern of unsafe contamination to other equipment and the surrounding areas. Plus when finished soda can be simply washed down the drain with water as it is 100% environmentally safe.

Restaurants cookware can get extremely dirty over time. Soda Blasting these items can save the cost of replacements. Simply re-season and the cookware is like new!

These are just a few examples of how Soda Blasting can save money. From simple cookware, to full size equipment, Soda Blasting can make them look as good as new!